Dawn Hi-Res

I am releasing this high-resolution version of my 2017 artwork Dawn, to show you the scale I drew it at as well as the detail & resolution you get if you purchase the prints. You could take this file and just print it out yourself however I’ve streamlined the process for you with the Redbubble if […]


My Redbubble I had forgotten I set this up last year. Redbubble is a website that allows anyone to buy prints or products with a designer’s art on it. Though my gallery isn’t the largest yet, I’m going ahead and sharing this link because it will be a place to buy my future prints and […]


Artstation  //  Deviantart Creating a city from scratch was a massive challenge. My intention with this piece of art is to remind you that strength & beauty exist in this world, that there is more love than apathy, joy than sadness, and infinitely more good in the world than evil. If you’re going through a […]

Game Updated

Dodge updated! Progress is saved every other level Time limit on collecting squares Main menu now tracks your high scores Switching between freeplay and play does not affect your save progress Added color effects See how high you can score! Play now April 13: New update pushed out. Looks better, fixed the last bug I know […]


Artstation // Deviantart Spent a few days drawing this… practicing figure studies, something I’ve always found difficult. “Daydream.” 2017. Digital Painting.


Rewrote a game I made a while ago in Java in Processing so that it could run in modern web browsers, thanks to processing.js. Also updated it with smoother gameplay, graphics and effects. Click the image below to play.


Wrote an interactive Starfield in Processing using an array of stars and parallax effect. Move the mouse for a 3d effect. Click the image below to run it in your browser.


Here are my two most recent drawings, done in Photoshop using digital brushes. All of my previous ones were done in a lightweight drawing application called Graffiti. You can also find me on Artstation and Deviantart.


I have composed and produced music for years, mostly in FL Studio, but the vast majority of it I have not put online. The only songs I have currently released to the public are made with Caustic which is a lightweight, yet capable, music program. If you like what I have made and want to […]